All the nine islands of the Azores Archipelago are from volcanic origin and are located in the North Atlantic, scattered along a 600 km stretch of ocean from Santa Maria to Corvo, approximately between 37° and 40° north latitude and 25° and 31° west longitude. 247,000 people live in this island territory that covers 2,325, distancing 1,600 km from mainland Europe (Portugal) and 2,454 km from the North American continent. 

 Mother Nature has created a land full of natural beauty, ready to be explored, in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. The Azores are composed of 9 islands of volcanic origin located about two thirds of the way between the east coast of the United States and Portugal and form an autonomous region of Portugal. The main attraction of the Azores is the immense beauty of the natural and human-modified landscape. Whether you are a lover of quiet walks or an adrenalin junkie, the Azores have more than 60 hiking trails with all the conditions for walking safely. Venture out and discover unique landscapes between paths totally wrapped in Nature. São Miguel known as the “Green Island” is the biggest and populated island of the archipelago, with 62.1 km in length and 15.8 km at its maximum width. Ponta Delgada is its capital.

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