The Pousadas of Portugal Group is an exclusive chain of 34 historic hotels, many of which are considered to be amongst the top hotels in Portugal. The luxury Pousadas are the very embodiment of the best that Portugal has to offer and are renowned for offering unique, lavish hotel accommodation in superb locations.

Pousadas are a visitor’s option with an uniqueness that keeps the flame of Portuguese hospitality alight. Situated in castles, monasteries, fortresses and places of special natural beauty from the North to the South and in the islands, the Pousadas of Portugal are real treasures of our History.

Pousadas of Portugal have kept alive the original objectives of a unique cultural experience through the respect shown in the restoration of their national architectural heritage adapted to modern demands of comfort and well-being. Places that offer a fascinating journey through the Portuguese culture as well as traditions and art. In the Pousadas there is always a story or a secret to tell, a legend or a tradition to recount.

The Pousadas of Portugal is a chain of over 40 exclusive hotels located throughout Portugal. Their very name is synonymous of a unique form of quality accommodation, where a warm welcome and personal service awaits every guest. Pousadas of Portugal were classified into two basic categories; Historical Pousadas and Regional Pousadas. To make it easier to distinguish between the choices of Pousadas available, we have introduced new themes to appeal to the senses and invite visitors to try out the different experiences that each one has to offer. Pousadas where therefore divided into the following groups: Historic, Nature, Historic Design and Charme.

Known as the largest restaurant chain of Portugal, Pousadas of Portugal are famous for their rich and varied culinary, revealing the secrets of an old art and recreating the best of the regional gastronomy together with the most genuine Portuguese wines. In each Pousada of Portugal you will find a restaurant serving the best regional specialties accompanied by the exclusive qualities of the Portuguese wines. Welcome, once again, to Pousadas de Portugal!

Portugal is a country packed with the great city excitement, sleepy villages of whitewashed walls and red tiled roofs, medieval walled cities, green mountains and valleys of the north, sunny beaches in the south, hill topped palaces and castles and several UNESCO World Heritage sites. Be sure to try the tasty Portuguese cuisine and excellent wines. With an excellent climate, Portugal is a year round destination. The Azores and islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, are thought by many to be the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Certainly they seem lost in time from the rest of Europe. The virgin scenery will amaze you and the small villages, were lifestyles have changed little in generations, will charm you, while offshore the ocean stems with whales and dolphins.




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