Feel like a member of European royalty when choosing this Historic Hotel, located in the guardhouse of Queluz Palace. Heavily influenced by the baroque and rococo styles of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this hotel will offer you a stay both neoclassical and contemporary, so as to allow you to experience to the fullest the rich patrimony that surrounds you. Pousada of Queluz is a breath of historical air for your holidays. In an intimate space, with 26 rooms, travel back in time to a period when the artsmusic and beauty were the main interests of the The Queluz National Palace and all adjacent buildings, will provide you a royal stay, in a place that was essential to the life of the country in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Portuguese court. The Pousada de Queluz is found in the clock tower building, next to the National Palace of Queluz, known as the "Portuguese Versailles " and the permanent residence of the royal family from 1794. The building of the Tower is by the architect and staff sergeant Manuel Caetano de Sousa, and served as a warehouse and as the quarters for the staff in service to the palace. Explore the Palace gardens, inspired by the French palatial style, and make enough time to visit its impressive rooms. With its proximity to Cascais beaches, the Sintra Mountain, the golf courses and the country's capital, your holidays will have whatever degree of leisure as you desire. Discover the Teatrinho (small theater), fully renovated, built by Dona Maria I so she would not miss any of the plays which she was so enthusiastic about - and make it your wedding or meeting venue. In a unique environment, you will not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy your moments in the Pousada. In thecommon room, a Reading Corner was created to make the most of the books and guidebooks that many other guests before you wanted to leave. Sit back, relax and soak up the tranquility of being so close to everything, in so special a place. Established in 1654 by royal charter of D. João IV, The House of Infantado belongs to the second sons of the Kings ofPortugal, along with all confiscated goods from the supporters of Castela after the Restoration in 1640 and the Duke of Bragança' s ascension to the throne. The Quinta de Queluz and Hunting Lodge were also incorporated in this heritage. Always known as the "Summer Palace", Queluz would often hold serenades, fireworks and horse riding in the court, on such special occasions such as the commemoration of the patron saints, especially that of São Pedro, and for the birthdays of "Royalty". With the Ajuda Palace fire in 1794, the Prince Regent D. João VI (1767-1826) and D. Carlota Joaquina (1775-1830) came to Queluz to stay permanently.

Prices per room per night in euros shared by 2 people - Breakfast included
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01/03 - 31/03  01/04 - 31/10 05/11 - 10/11 
Type Bedroom Sun - Fri Sat - Sun Sun - Fri Sat - Sun Sun - Fri Sat - Sun
Pousada 98 98 118 118  129 129
Pousada Family 103 103 126 126 144 144
Superior 118 118 139 139 155 155
Suite 137 137 165 165 181 181


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