There is something deeply spiritual and holy when choosing the Inn of Santa Maria do Bouro as a destination to spend a few days: tranquil, reserved and monumental, its grandeur and architectural importance make you feel the force of the mountains and the timelessness of granite surrounds. Take the habit and come here. The imposing main building of this hotel in Amares is unexpected after the twists and turns of a mountain road, where there are still old ladies with scarves on their head, lambs and goats in the pastures, and Portugal bucolic and beautiful serrano, forged in the mountains and time. Architecturally sublime, in a Souto Moura project where, in his own words, he uses the stones available to build a new space, protecting the notion of the ruins in transformation, which had so much influence over the centuries of history of this space.
Upon arrival at the courtyard , the initial impact is impressive: the church, fully restored in the seventeenth century, with its two bell towers, and the monastery's structure rebuilt, symbolize the strength of a structure that repeatedly rose from its own rubble. If you come to take stock or simply to reflect on your life, here you can see the ultimate proof that there is always hope and recovery, even in the most unlikely moments. Precisely in that eternal aura, this B & B, where you can switch between contemporary art, secular stones and stripped and monastic language, provides absolute comfort at all times, but never fails to forget it's past austerity . With minimalist decor and key collection points, this is the most impressive monastery one may visit in Portugal. Be amazed by the extraordinary strength of the cloister, where old orange further embellish the stone worn by time. A small river that comes from the mountains of Nossa Senhora da Abadia, makes its own way through here. You will meet it again at the bar and in the old tank reservoir, with its beautiful fountain wrapped in climbing plants. Sit by the huge fireplace that was left from the seventeenth century reconstruction and enjoy the warm and lively blaze, crackling on the rocks surrounding it and giving them life. Order an aperitif or tea and let yourself be swept away by the hypnotic movement of the sun on the windows.

Address: Largo do Terreiro – Santa Maria do Bouro – 4720-633 - Amares
Location GPS: N 41 39.558 - W 8 16.242

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